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Company background

1955: BIANCHI begins its business in S. Giorgio di Piano, Bologna, Italy.

1973: BIANCHI installs one of the first coating plants with chain conveyor.

1993: BIANCHI carries out a complete replacement of factory equipment, in order to be competitive especially in the field of powder coating.

2004: BIANCHI builds a new factory in Minerbio where it has installed a new painting plant for pieces sizes up to 5000 x 3000 x1200 mm.

2010: BIANCHI installs a new sand blasting plant for extra large parts: 3000 x 3000 x 9000 mm.

2015: BIANCHI expands its activities in Thailand with a new factory in Rayong ready to operate from June 2015.

Company Headquarters in Minerbio (Bologna, ITALY).

Our factory in Thailand
Located within the Emaraj Eastern Seabord Industrial Estate in Rayong , the factory has a covered surface of nearly 2.000 Sq/mt and is equipped with state of the art painting cabins for liquid painting. The factory is under expat management and shall be fully operative on 1st June 2015.

Core Business

INDUSTRIAL PAINTING ( Liquid painting ) especially for Automotive sector:

Our equipment

Painting booth

Oven (painting)

Oven (painting)

Sand blasting machine

Conveyor painting plant

Painting booth (inside)